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Mold spores, the airborne “seeds” of various types of fungus, are everpresent in the air we breathe, just waiting to land in an area with the right environment in order to grow. When your home or business is damaged by a water-related disaster, or if the area is excessively humid, your property is at risk of mold damage. Mold can appear practically overnight and if not dealt with immediately, can spread throughout your property.

At the first sign of mold damage, give a call to your local mold removal and remediation experts at Restoration Enterprise. We will respond immediately and send a technician to your property to inspect the damage. 

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Mold Related Health Risks

Our bodies are generally more than capable of dealing with mold spores in the air, but when you have mold growth on your property, the concentrations of mold in the air you breathe and are exposed to can skyrocket. Extended exposure to these higher concentrations can pose a long list of health consequences. The most common mold-related health risks that we come across include:

Skin Irritation

Respiratory Issues


Coughing & Sneezing

Chronic Illness

Mold Removal & Mold Remediation Process

As soon as you call the experts at Restoration Enterprise when you find or suspect mold growth on your property, our team will dispatch a certified mold damage technician to inspect the damages.

The first step of the process will be to have the air inside and outside your home or business tested. This will give us a baseline to work with and will inform us of what mold types we are dealing with which will impact the removal and cleanup process.

Once we’ve identified the mold affected area, we will work to quickly build a plastic barrier to contain the mold and prevent the spores to spread to other parts of your property while we are removing the damaged materials. 

As soon as the containment barrier is up, we will begin cautiously removing any materials that are damaged beyond repair and safely disposing of them according to the most recently accepted guidelines fore handling mold contaminated materials.

When the damage has been addressed, our team will shift the focus to cleaning up the area, wiping down and disinfecting all of the surfaces within the containment barrier, then taking the barrier down and clearing the area to make any necessary repairs to fully restore the damaged area.

As with any of our offered services, Restoration Enterprise will keep highly detailed documentation of the damages and the restoration and will be happy to work with your insurance provider to ensure a smooth and properly covered restoration process.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

When it comes to mold damage, unless the mold has sprung up directly following a water-related disaster, there is very little chance that you will receive coverage for your mold-related losses. Much of this is due to the nature of mold growth often being determined to result from some level of negligence.

But while it may not seem likely, the only real way to know what your specific coverage is is to call your insurance provider and ask them to walk you through it.

Why Choose Restoration enterprise

Advanced Equipment

Disaster restoration requires advanced equipment in order to restore the damage quickly and effectively. At Restoration Enterprise we pair world-class technicians with industry-leading equipment.

IICRC Certified Technicians

Restoration Enterprise understands the importance of doing the job right the first time around. We employ a team of the most highly trained and certified restoration technicians in the area.

24/7 Emergency Services

Disasters may occur at any hour of day or night, and Restoration Enterprise understands the importance of a speedy response. So we are available 24/7 every day of the year.