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Flood Restoration Services

Flood-related disasters can not only cause significant property damage, but depending on the nature of the flood, the water itself carries pathogens and harmful toxins. Flood damage cleanup and restoration are services that should be left to licensed and certified professionals. 

If you have flood damage on your property, give Restoration Enterprise a call. We offer 24/7 emergency response services to flood damage. We will immediately send a technician to your property to conduct a free inspection and work to get the restoration process started as soon as possible.

Flood Restoration

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Common Causes Of Flooding

In the Houston Tx area, flooding can be caused by a number of different disasters. As a business or homeowner, understanding the most common causes of flooding will help you to prepare yourself and your property to handle the disaster as well as possible. The most common causes of flooding that we deal with include:

Burst Or Broken Pipes

Corroded Appliances

Flood Damage Restoration Process

As soon as you call the experts at Restoration Enterprise after a flood, our team will dispatch a certified flood damage technician to inspect the damages and collect information to formulate a restoration plan.

The most imminent threat to your property, following a flood-related disaster, is the standing water. Our technicians will quickly begin to remove the water using our industry-leading truck-mounted equipment to remove every last drop of floodwater from your property..

Floods leave behind quite a mess, and before we can finish drying your property, our technicians will work to identify any damaged materials that are beyond saving and remove them before they can spread the damage.

Once the damaged materials have been cleared out, our technicians will utilize industrial blowers and dehumidifiers to remove any trapped moisture. We will check on the drying progress regularly, using a professional moisture meter which will ensure that the job is completed and your property is safe from further damage or mold growth.

Once the water damaged area has been cleaned and dried, our team will begin to restore your property. As a licensed general contractor with experience in the construction and restoration industries, you can rely on us to handle any and all repairs, no matter the size or scope.

As with any of our offered services, Restoration Enterprise will keep highly detailed documentation of the damages and the restoration and will be happy to work with your insurance provider to ensure a smooth and properly covered restoration process.

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Flood Damage Tips

As we touched on before, floods carry with them quite a few health risks that are important to understand so that if you are ever a victim of a flood, you may stay safe and handle the situation appropriately. Below are our best tips to protect yourself and your property:

  • Try to avoid the floodwater. The water may be toxic and coming into contact with the water should be avoided if at all possible.
  • Call your local flood damage cleanup and water damage restoration company as quickly as possible to remove the water and reduce further damages.
  • If it is possible and safe to do so, shut off the electricity going into your building, and avoid touching any light switches, outlets, or electronic devices.
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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Unfortunately, when it comes to flood damage, your basic homeowner’s insurance plan is unlike to cover the damages. In most instances, you will need to purchase a flood plan to receive coverage, though there are some exceptions depending on the source of the water and the nature of the disaster.

As always, with anything involving your insurance, we really recommend that you contact your insurance provider, give them a call and just ask them to walk you through your coverage.

Why Choose Restoration enterprise

Advanced Equipment

Disaster restoration requires advanced equipment in order to restore the damage quickly and effectively. At Restoration Enterprise we pair world-class technicians with industry-leading equipment.

IICRC Certified Technicians

Restoration Enterprise understands the importance of doing the job right the first time around. We employ a team of the most highly trained and certified restoration technicians in the area.

24/7 Emergency Services

Disasters may occur at any hour of day or night, and Restoration Enterprise understands the importance of a speedy response. So we are available 24/7 every day of the year.